British columbia confederation essay

They imposed new rectangular boundaries that ignored long-established farms and properties. Although Lower Canada had a much larger population, the two provinces were given the same number of elected representatives, and French Canadians resented this inequality.

Source Songish village opposite Victoria, B. The regional conflicts that bedevil Canadian constitutional talks to this day were there from the beginning, with the strong future provinces of Quebec and Ontario taking centre stage.

With the threat of America expanding into the territory so sought after by BNA, Confederation seemed the best option to stake their claim on the West, as "Extension of Confederation to include all the territory from the Maritimes to the Pacific would prevent annexation of any part of the vast, unsettled west by the United States.

Colony to Centennial Toronto: He also cut the size of existing Aboriginal reserves. Of course, a railway linking Canada West to British Columbia would also help, but the fear of American expansion seemed to be the trigger point for the need to expand westward into the unknown.

British Columbia and Confederation

The fear of annexation could be traced back to the rebellions of Canada wanted the West and was afraid of America expanding into this territory, America posed the threat of annexation of Canada, and there was a fear of a potential war between Canada and America. The influx of settlers prompted Britain to create a separate mainland colony that same year, called British Columbia.

However, it was not until that Britain formally established the colony of Vancouver Island in order to maintain sovereignty in the West. After three more years of political debate, and with railway construction plans as a powerful incentive, Macdonald was able to take a Confederation proposal to the British parliament in and the Dominion of Canada was created in by a document called the British North America Act.

At the time, Confederation seemed the only answer to such an issue.


Your review has been posted. Colony to Centennial Toronto: In that year, as many as 30, people arrived in the region. Byimmigration had changed the balance, giving Upper Canada a larger population. The first Charlottetown Conference in September was originally planned as a meeting to debate this idea of Maritime union.

On 14 Septembera meeting of 26 Confederation League delegates from across the colony was held in Yale. The Maritimes, especially Nova Scotia, had little interest in sending their tax money to develop the west.

Then and Now Canada: However, most, if not all Canadians wished to maintain their own cultures. One of the pressure points was British Columbia. This was a pressure point because of all the American miners that had moved there during the Gold Rush. Another reason the colonies were afraid of American invasion was because of the fact that Americans believed in Manifest Destiny.

Articles of Confederation Essay When the. Summary of Canadian Confederation Essay Words | 4 Pages. During the years before Confederation, there was much happening in the colonies that would eventually unite to become the Dominion of Canada in Confederation essaysOn July 1,celebrations occurred nationwide as confederation passed and Canada became an independent country.

With the uniting of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the Dominion of Canada was created. Obtaining the right to confederation was a long and difficul.

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The Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858

Threat of annexation from the United States, growth of the recently acquired North-West territory, and a full expansion west with the addition of British Columbia into Confederation were all factors that helped Canada construct its first transcontinental, The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

Fiction Essay. Follow/Fav The Reasons for Confederation. By: Mistress Milly States "demanded that the boundary should be at parallel 54o 40' which would have given them all the southern part of British Columbia." (Garland, pg ).

With the threat of America expanding into the territory so sought after by BNA, Confederation seemed the.

British columbia confederation essay
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